Weekend Plans - Heritage Harvest Festival

I'm so looking forward to attending the Heritage Harvest Festival at Monticello this weekend and sharing my experience through beautiful photos of the grounds, the wonderful attendees and our esteemed presenters. I'm especially excited about visiting the garden (of course) and quite enjoyed this video from Sweet Potato Soul featuring some of the wonderful vegetables grown there.

If you're near Charlottesville, VA on Saturday, September 10, 2016, this event is a must. 
I hope to see you there!


In early July I had the pleasure of enjoying a girl's day trip literally up the mountain to pick peaches at Carter Mountain Orchard with one of my wonderful God-daughters and her mom/my college bestie.  I was all smiles especially knowing that my sweetheart made a special request for this one on one time with Aunt Tam Tam! So good - right?!  


Each growing season I plant with the best of intentions and for the most part, everything goes great.  However, there always comes a time when letting go is essential to the success of the garden.  My intention in this case is to grow a robust crop, harvest as much as possible, remove at the right time and go forward with planting something else.  Yet, I consistently struggle with letting go and as a result, it has been difficult for me to make the most of my gardening space.

I have the hardest time parting ways with the collards and kale.  I love having beautiful, fresh greens on hand for saut├ęs, soups and salads throughout the week and my absolute favorite is a good pot of greens with smoked meat on the weekends.