A man who masters patience, masters everything else - George Savile

We live in a world built on now, we want fast food, can't stand waiting in line, text instead of talking, use DVRs to skip commercials and on it goes.  Being a totally impatient person since my youth, I don't typically like waiting.  However, I learned early on that mother nature will not be rushed.


One of the things I've gained from growing good food at home is a deep respect for the soil. This brief video from Michael Pollan really resonates with me. 

There's a good amount of science to soil  but let's keep it simple.  The basic components of soil are organic matter, minerals and organisms. 


In the garden with hands in soil, sweat on brow, sun beaming on back, deep in the busy work of helping food & flowers grow you are at first completely focused on the tasks at hand but then you get caught up in a passing breeze, trapped by the sounds of tiny crawling things, fluttering butterflies and buzzing bees.   The body is still in motion but you are lost in nature, under its spell, completely deaf to the sounds of the world around you; the mind is still, breathing calm, spirit and earth have linked together as one.